Bioactivity of Ethanolic Extract of Propolis (EEP) in Balb/C Mice’s CD4+CD25+ and B220+ Lymphocyte Cells

Aisyah Zahroh Aden, Muhaimin Rifa'i


This experiment was aimed to determine the bioactivity of ethanolic extract of propolis (EEP) against the changes in the quantity of CD4+CD25+ and B220+ lymphocytes and determine the optimal dose of EEP to increase the number of CD4+CD25+ and B220+ cells in Balb/c mice. Balb/c mice were divided into four treatment groups: control treatment, treatments of EEP at a dose of 50, 100, and 200 body weight of mice. All mice were dissected after two weeks post treatment. Profiles of lymphocytes from the spleen expressing CD4+CD25+ and B220+ cells were analyzed by flowcytometry using CellQuest software. Data was analyzed by Kruskall Wallis and Mann Whitney statistical test with P<0.05 using SPSS 16.0 for Windows. The results showed that the treatment of dose of 50 of EEP can increase relative number of CD4+CD25+ cells significantly, but those cells decrease significantly when we apply the dose of 100 and 200 The relative number of B220+ cells increase in the dose of 50 and 200 and decrease in the dose of 100 compared to the control. This experiment suggest that EEP has bioactivity to modulate the quantity of CD4+CD25+ and B220+ in dependent manner.

Keywords: B220+, CD4+CD25+, lymphocyte, propolis

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