Bioactivity of Combination Elephantopus scaber and Sauropus androgynus on the Level of B220 cells of Lymph Node in Pregnant Typhoid BALB/c Mice

Lulut Dwi Nurmamulyosari, Muhammad Sasmito Djati, Sri Widyarti


Elephantopus scaber and Sauropus androgynus are herbal remedies that contain flavonoids as immunomodulatory agents. This study was aimed to observe the changes in the relative number of B cells in lymph node tissue of pregnant typhoid mice. Mice were divided into seven groups K-, K+, E. scaber 200 BW,  E. scaber 150 BW + S. androgynus 37.5 BW,  E. scaber 100 BW + S. androgynus 75 BW,  E. scaber 50 BW + S. androgynus 112.5 BW, dan S. androgynus 150 BW. Mice were dissected on the 12th and 18th day after herbal treatment. Data was analyzed using one way ANOVA (p < 0.05) and Duncan. The result show that E. scaber combination of 200 BW and E. scaber 150 BW + S. androgynus 37.5 BW can increase the number of B220 cells (p < 0,05) on pregnant mice typoid model.

Keywords: B220, Elephantopus scaber, pregnant, Sauropus androgynus, typhoid fever

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