Molecular Identification and Genetic Characteristics of Genus Mystacoleucus Based on Gene Cytochrome Oxidase C Subunit I (COI) in Sengguruh Dam

Fitri Sil Valen, Maheno Sri Widodo, Yuni Kilawati


In general, the process of naming several species of fish including species from the genus Mystacoleucus is still carried out based on morphological characters, which are often found in almost the same morphological characters in different fish species. Therefore, it is necessary to apply a more accurate identification method, which is a DNA-based identification method called DNA barcoding. The purpose of this study was to identify the species of the genus Mystacoleucus on the Sengguruh Dam molecularly based on the Cytochrome Oxidase C Subunit I (COI) gene. A caudal fin was taken on the test fish and preserved in 95% ethanol solution for molecular identification. The results of the identification showed that the sample belonged to the Mystacoleucus marginatus species with Identity values between 99-100% and E-value 0.0. The data obtained showed that from the calculation of genetic distance presented in the form of data matrix and phylogenetic tree reconstruction, there were 2 species that had a far genetic distance from the M. marginatus sample from the Sengguruh Dam namely M. atridorsalis with the furthest genetic distance of 0.1932-0.2595 and M. lepturus with genetic distance between 0.1117-0.1193. However, there are one species that has the closest distance, M. padangensis with genetic distance between 0.0019-0.0038 and identity values up to 99%.

Keywords: DNA barcode, Molecular identification, Mystacoleucus, Phylogenetic COI.

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