Geographically and Temporally Weighted Regression Modeling in Analyzing Factors Affecting the Spread of Dengue Fever in Malang

Fahmi Indrayani, Henny Pramoedyo, Atiek Iriany



Geographically and Temporally weighted regression (GTWR) modeling has been developed to evaluate spatial heterogeneity and temporal heterogeneity in factors influencing the spread of dengue fever in Malang city. By using the monthly data in 2012-2015 as the temporal unit of each urban village in Malang and village is considered as a spatial unit. GTWR model is compared with the GWR model using several statistical criteria. GTWR model shows that the relationship between dengue incidence with population density and monthly average temperature significantly affects each Village in Malang.

Keywords : DHF, GTWR, Spatiotemporal Pattern

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